Residential Properties

rubber mulch makes attractive, maintenance free landscaping beds.

Commercial & Property Management

rubber mulch for commercial lanscaping

Government & Institutions

Recycled rubber products for governments, schools, and institutions - playground equipment, landscaping, sporting surfaces, and equestrian facilities.

Sustainable • AffordableSafer

reduce, reuse and recycle - Rubber mulch saves tires from the landfill, saves trees, and saves money.

Break the Cycle
Rubber products, like our rubber landscape mulch, do not decompose. With a 10 year colorfast guarantee, you can comfortably expect our products to last. Stop the cycle of mulching every 6 to 12 months to a year. Our rubber mulch pays for itself in as little as two years!
Breathe Easy
Our products are completely non-toxic and chemically safe for use around children, pets and plants. Since rubber products are inert they significantly reduce weeds and do not provide a home or food source for insects such as palmetto bugs, termites, fire ants or other pests. This saves time and money on maintenance and eliminates the need to use dangerous chemical herbicides and pesticides.
LEED Certified Materials
Our recycled rubber mulch and flooring tiles are green building materials which qualify for LEED credits when used in sustainable landscape design or as a safety surface on playgrounds. Up to 8 LEED points can be earned toward LEED certification. (Learn More)

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